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What used to take hours now takes minutes with Lessmail. Reduce the size of your inbox, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and delete messages in bulk to free up storage space, and headspace!

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Clean all your inboxes

Includes all the bells and whistles you'll need.

We make it easy for you to reduce the size of your inbox.

Remove emails in bulk

Unsubscribe from multiple senders and delete messages by the thousands in only a few clicks.

Quickly categorize

Create and assign labels or folders to groups of emails with an intuitive interface.

Filter and automate

Easily create rules and filters to automatically manage your inbox.

Seamless, Private, and Secure.

Seamless. With a clean and intuitive interface, we help you get the job done faster than any other email cleaning software out there!

Private. Unlike, Lessmail never stores, shares or sells any of your email contents. Your information is stored securely on your personal device, for only you to see!

Secure. Lessmail is built with the latest security standards in mind, and is as secure as your native email client.

Peace of mind

Cleaner email = clearer headspace

Clear mulitiple emails in minutes, and save yourself the headache of navigating a hectic inbox full of messages you don't want or need.

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Clean your inbox the easy way.

Keep your inboxes organized, stay on top of important mail, and quickly remove pesky senders and emails from your inbox for good.

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